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Window Washing – Orange County

A reputable Commercial Window Cleaning company helps keep windows free of dirt and debris for various businesses for one thing. This company also maintain the other areas of the office buildings, as well, and this all works together to make the businesses more attractive to clients. No one likes to do conduct a transaction in dirty surroundings. For purpose of this information, we will be concentrating on the cleaning of windows.

Window Washing Orange County (714) 827-5447

Window Washing Orange County (714) 827-5447

Below are some tips on cleaning windows professionally.

1. Knowing which glass cleaning solution is very important to getting the dirt and debris from windows without leaving streaks. You would not just use any glass cleaner to do the job. Some glass cleaners have ammonia and other chemicals that do not completely rinse off the glass and leave a cloudiness or film. Today, there are biodegradable cleaners that are safe for the environment and leave the glass completely free from streaks and cloudiness. An Office Window Cleaning service would know about all this.

2. Many times, the job is large enough that the glass cleaning solution is added to a bucket of cold water, rather than just a spray bottle. Then this mixture is applied to the window with a mop type tool. The whole window needs to be cleaned very well before the solution is removed either with a squeegee or microfiber cloth.

3. Which is better for cleaning the office windows, squeegees or microfiber cloths for removing water? They are both suitable, but the squeegees are easier to use on poles to reach high places. However, the person using them needs to have a special touch and grip to leave no marks on the windows. Microfiber cloths absorb the cleaning solution easily, and quickly dry the windows. These cloths are typically better for areas easily reached without an extension pole. A Commercial Window Cleaning could use both of these methods together to accomplish its task.

4. There are ways to protect your windows from certain types of cleaning issues. When the walls or ceilings are being painted in the office, it is wise to cover the windows, so not paint gets on them during the process. This way, no paint will dry on the windows. Dried-on paint is not easy to get off windows and you may be tempted just to scrap it off, but this could damage the window. Covering the glass to begin with is much better for the window.

5. Some windows could have a tinted film applied to them to keep the sun from glaring in on the people inside. This also keeps the buildings cooler. This film will need to be taken into account by whoever washes the windows. Make sure to inform the Commercial Window company that this film is involved.

6. Any company that is hired should have the proper licenses, bonding, and insurance. These things help you know that the company is reputable and the fact it has the proper insurance and bonding protects you and the company in case of mishaps with the Office Window Cleaning.

7. How often you get your windows cleaned depends on how dirty they get between cleanings. You may only need 2 professional cleanings a year or you may need the cleaning on a more regular basis. There is special glass sealants that can be applied to clean windows to help them stay clean longer, as these repel some of the dirt and debris that clings to regular untreated glass.

8. Make sure the window cleaning company services your area. For this information, we are talking about Orange County, areas of Riverside, and Los Angeles. This is a large service area and for great service check with us, here at S&W Maintenance Company. This company has been in business over 60 years. It specializes in window cleaning, hard floor care, green cleaning, carpeting care, and clean up after construction. You can contact this company through this website of

If you have your business in the service area for S&W, call us at (714) 827-5447, to see what it has to offer you. You may find that you need all of their services and not just their Commercial Window Cleaning services.

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