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Commercial Properties Only - We Do Not Service Residential Properties

S&W Maintenance Co. proudly offers its expert janitorial and commercial cleaning services to the businesses and community of Santa Ana, CA. 

With over 70 years of experience and a rich family legacy led by the Wulwick family, we are uniquely equipped to provide superior cleaning services tailored to the dynamic and diverse character of Santa Ana.

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Addressing Santa Ana’s Unique Business Environment

Santa Ana’s business landscape is characterized by its demographic diversity and youthful vigor. 

The city’s significant Hispanic population and a mix of other cultural backgrounds demand a nuanced approach to janitorial services. 

S&W Maintenance Co. leverages deep local knowledge and industry expertise to offer cleaning solutions that respect cultural nuances and meet the high standards expected in various sectors.

Tailored Cleaning Solutions for Every Sector

Professional Office Building Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Our detailed office cleaning services enhance your work environment, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. 

We cater to the unique demands of Santa Ana’s business sectors, emphasizing efficiency and thoroughness.

Educational Facilities Cleaning

Educational Facilities Cleaning

Schools and educational institutions benefit from our specialized cleaning protocols, which focus on creating safe and healthy learning environments for the city’s young population.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

We provide rigorous cleaning and disinfection services for healthcare facilities, crucial for preventing the spread of infection and maintaining health standards.

Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning

Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning

Given the city’s notable manufacturing sector, our services also extend to industrial cleaning, ensuring that factories and production facilities meet industry-specific cleanliness standards.

Our Commitment to Santa Ana’s Business Community

Bilingual Staff: We offer bilingual service options, acknowledging the high percentage of Spanish-speaking individuals in Santa Ana. Clear communication is key in providing effective service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customizable Service Plans: Recognizing the varying needs of different businesses, we provide customizable cleaning schedules and services tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Sustainability Practices: We employ eco-friendly cleaning methods and products, aligning with the environmental values of the community and contributing to a healthier planet.

Enhanced Services for a Thriving Santa Ana

Event Cleaning: We offer comprehensive cleaning before and after business events, ensuring that your premises represent the best of your brand.

Window Cleaning and Floor Care: Our detailed window cleaning and floor care services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your facilities but also extend the life of these investments.

Emergency Cleaning Services: S&W Maintenance Co. understands that unexpected needs can arise, and we are equipped to respond promptly to emergency cleaning requests.

Partnering with Rossmoors HOAs

Economic Insights Informing Our Services

Santa Ana, forming an integral part of the Greater Los Angeles area, boasts a dynamic economy with diverse sectors. This economic variety increases the demand for flexible and high-quality commercial cleaning services.

Our services are designed to support the city’s growth by improving business spaces, making them more inviting for customers and conducive for employees.

Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

Choose S&W Maintenance Co. for Your Santa Ana Business

At S&W Maintenance Co., we are excited to play a part in enhancing the business environment of Santa Ana. 

Our commitment to quality, customer service, and tailored solutions makes us a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. 

We invite you to experience the professional touch of our cleaning services, designed to keep your business looking its best and operating smoothly.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in maintaining impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards, contributing positively to your business’s image and operational success in Orange County.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have been using S & W Maintenance for 15+ years, and have stayed with them because of the personalized, professional service they give us. I know I could call them anytime and they would do their best to fulfill our request. Very happy customer!

Cornerstone Church, Long Beach, CA

S & W Maintenance offers the highest quality of customer service and care you could ask for, and they go above and beyond to ensure the staff is performing at their best. It makes a difference in the quality of work when someone is good, and they care about the outcome. I would highly recommend their services.

DAIWA Corporation, Cypress, CA

I have worked with S &W for many years. The staff has always been professional, efficient, and always thorough.

PMP Management, Long Beach, CA

S & W has taken care of all our commercial properties in the South Bay (400k plus 2/f) since 1997. I really appreciate the fact that if I have a request or concern I can just call Jeff or Vickie knowing that all will be taken care of right away, and their staff is also wonderful, most have been with us since day one. I highly recommend S & W Maintenance, old fashion customer service with 21st century results.

Adrian Maldonado
Maintenance Manager, Alden Realty Management

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